Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wine Deal Available to Supporters

We have a line on a small winery in Niagara On The Lake that is liquidating (no pun intended) its assets before the wine makers move overseas. This winery currently has 14 full carboys of 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Baco Noir and Chardonnay in its cellars. It needs to clear these out by this time next week.

2007, we're told, was a very hot, dry year in Niagara On The Lake, yielding excellent grapes and excellent wines.

We only need the carboys (well, we're likely to buy some of the wine, too) but we'd love to pass on the deal we were offered to our friends and supporters.

For about $50-$60 a batch, (including the carboy) we can obtain these full (or mostly full - some have had a bottle or two decanted for tasting) carboys ($50 represents 19 l of wine, $60 represents 24 l). We will pick them up and store them for you until you are ready to bottle them. We cannot legally bottle them for you, but we can have a siphon and corker on hand.

We are hoping that once you bottle your wine, you might be willing, in exchange, to donate the empty carboy to Deezwin Greens. Each batch of wine will fill at least 2 dozen bottles, so you're looking at a decent Niagara Region wine for about $2 a bottle. There's a chance we may be able to catch a better deal if there's enough interest, but we wanted to make sure we quoted you all the top price we're likely to have to pay.

Want to support us but don't drink wine? Click here for a list of other items that might already be in your recycle bins that we can use.

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