Saturday, 2 July 2011

Want to help, but can't spare any dollars?

We know what it's like to be on a fixed income, and we appreciate every cent of donations offered towards taking Deezwin Greens off the grid and helping us bring sustainability education to as many people as possible. If you can't afford to donate, but would like to help us achieve our educational goals, here's a list of items you might have lying around that we'd be more than happy to rescue from your recycle bins:

* food quality barrels and pails: We often rescue these from restaurant recycling bins. They can be put to a number of uses around the farm, and we're more than happy to re-use them rather than see them go into the dump or even see energy put into recycling.

* mason jars: We do a lot of canning and preserving. Mason jars of all sizes are really helpful to us. Premium brands of spaghetti sauce, soups, jams and some bean products all come in standard mason jars. We'd love to collect them from you, rather than see energy put into recycling them.

* swing top bottles: Drink Grolsch or any of the microbrews that currently come in swing top bottles? We can put these to use bottling cider, beer, and mead.We can't generate revenue from our fermentation projects, but we can use them as thank you gifts and for bartering.

* construction leftovers: Got 7 shingles left over? faucets from a plumbing upgrade? old pipe? Window screens with holes in them? We can use any and all construction leftovers for building animal housing, or rain collection/storage devices, or even educational supply.

* old clothes: Deezwin Greens relies on upcycling to generate revenue for our agricultural projects. Any and all old clothes are useful in some way, even if they are only good for rags.

* Art/office supplies: If you have art or craft supplies gathering dust or drying out, we can incorporate them into our educational programs.

* Anything else: Most "garbage" isn't. If you have it, chances are we can think of a use for it.

* Canadian Tire money: Most people just lose this stuff, I know. If you have some kicking around and you don't think you're likely to use it. We can always use things from the hardware store.

* Coupons: Got coupons gathering dust? We may well be able to use them.

* Click our ads! This is probably the easiest way to help. It doesn't generate a lot of revenue, but every little bit helps. Or, if you need something from Amazon, consider entering the store through our portal. When you make a purchase through us, a portion of the proceeds go into our Amazon account.

* Tell your friends! Tell folks about Deezwin Greens. The more folks who know about us, the more programs we can offer.

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