Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Red Clover Jelly

Last night, after the weather cooled a bit, Nick and Isaac played while Deni made red clover jelly. The basic recipe turned out lovely (even better the next day!) but we're playing with some ideas to enhance it. hints of ginger and cranberry come to mind.

The flavour is subtle and very sweet (a little goes a long way), and the open jar, after sitting overnight has taken on a lovely floral hint. Last night, we ate it with almonds dipped in it. I'm also picturing it over a nice vanilla ice cream.

Jars of Red Clover Jelly can be purchased by contacting deezwingreens@gmail.com. In order to save jars from the landfill, a $0.30 jar deposit will be charged. Upon return of the jar only, $0.20 will be returned. Jars and intact lids will return the full $0.30. 

Prices: 125ml (4oz): $3.50 + jar deposit
              250ml (8oz): $5.00 + jar deposit

Ask about quantity discounts.

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