Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Milkweed Pizza With Wild Garlic

Yesterday's stroll along the ridge yielded a bounty of wild garlic and fresh, tender milkweed pods. What to do with this harvest? Pizza! It was fantastic, well worth doing again. Here's how we did it.

* After washing everything, we separated the milkweed pods from their white filling and roughly chopped the pods. We also roughly chopped all parts of the wild garlic (root bulbs, greens and buds).

* We sauteed the chopped garlic greens in a generous amount of good olive oil, then discarded the greens (they were far too tough to eat)

* In the remaining oil, we sauteed the chopped garlic buds and milkweed pods, then set aside

* We repeated this with some chopped, thinly sliced salami (this is, of course, optional - omit the salami for a vegetarian or vegan pizza)

* We halved four calabrese buns lengthwise and grilled them, cut sides down in this oil

* Adding a splash more oil, we sauteed the chopped garlic root, adding a large, roughly chopped tomato after a few minutes. To finish the pizza sauce we added a tin of condensed tomato soup, some italian seasoning and a splash of red wine. We spread the sauce on the grilled bread.

* We topped our pizzas with the white milkweed fluff (this makes an excellent cheese substitute), our sauteed pods and garlic, the salami, and a small amount of boconcini (again, omit this step for vegan pizza. You can top with more milkweed fluff, if you like)

* After broiling in our oven for about 8 minutes, we devoured the pizzas.


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