Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Design Competition

We're trying to find a balance between the homeschooling paradigm we will have come september (which doesn't really take summers off. The children simply learn all year 'round at their own speed) and the "children have been in school all year and need a break" paradigm. In that spirit, they're being given plenty of free time, about 30-45 minutes a day of extra chores (in addition to putting their clean clothes away, bringing the dirty ones to the laundry room, rinsing their dishes and putting them in the dishwasher, and keeping their rooms tidy) and, when we feel inspired, something like this: A Design Competition.

The child who applies what they learned when we made the chicken waterer to create the best chicken feeder will win a cash prize. The kids are all aflutter, they're learning, and we've harnessed the same competitive energy they displayed yesterday (when they were fighting over a blanket in 30 degree celsius weather) in a productive, educational way.

In typical Marie-Celeste fashion, she immediately went seeking materials. Basil, who is more a conceptualist, drew up preliminary sketches. His design is very complicated, with many more parts that could go wrong, but if it does work, it'll result in cleaner, more pest-free feed. We're excited to view the results.

They go back to camp in Toronto in about a week and a half. We'll update then as to which child succeeded, and we'll show both designs.

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