Friday, 1 July 2011

Chicken Waterer in Action and Happy Canada Day!

It's a long weekend here in Canada, and we were originally scheduled to head into the deepest wilds of cottage country (to get away from it all?) but those plans fell through, so we've taken the opportunity to get a few things squared away here on the Ridge and enjoy our property some.

The bigger kids are spending the weekend in Toronto, so it's just three of us here. We always miss them when they're gone, but it has provided us with the chance to get Marie-Celeste's play structure together (pictures to follow). It should be ready by the time she returns to us next weekend, after a week of circus camp.

Today we took the chicks and wee Isaac out to the back yard to play. We built some of the play structure, let the chicks run free a bit and harvested some awesome wild food.

About our chicks: They're coming up on 4 weeks old (in the next couple days.) There are seven, and we were told that there were 4 female and three male. We rescued them from a parochial Montessori school in Oakville, who had raised them from eggs, but didn't have anything to do with them as the school year closed out. We don't know the breed, can anyone help?
This one likes to fly. There are four of these.

The white ones are shyer. There are three.


  1. There is nothing chickens like better that fresh sweet grass, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  2. Thanks, Marie. They are enjoying the grass to be sure. We have them in a brooding pen in the garage at night, but are giving them plenty of opportunity to run about in the grass during the day.