Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Welcome Post

Welcome to Deezwin Greens' home on the web.

Deezwin Greens is a small farm startup in Grimsby, ON, striving toward sustainable farming practices. The "Deezwins" are Deni, Nick, Basil, Marie-Celeste and Isaac. Current animal residents of Deezwin Greens include seven three week old chicks and a dog. The farm produces organic tomatoes, basil and coriander as well as clover jelly, hyssop syrup, pear jelly and cider, cherries, and an assortment of teas. We also produce to order a small selection of toys, waldorf inspired educational supplies, upcycled baby clothes and rain barrels. Keep your eyes peeled for our e-commerce site in the coming months.

Everything produced at Deezwin Greens is done with minimal impact. Recycled, reused and natural materials are used almost exclusively.

This blog will hopefully share with our readers what we learn as we go along and provide step by step updates as to the progress of our projects.

We hope you enjoy!

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