Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Homemade Chicken Waterer.

So, commercial chicken waterers aren't expensive, but here at Deezwin Greens, we like to re-use as much as possible. It's with this in mind that I present our tutorial for a home made chicken fountain.

Chickens kick a lot of mess into their water, so something that has a reservoir for clean water is a must (unless you really like cleaning their water dish every couple hours). Commercial waterers work using Pascal's Law. We created our own using the lid from a discarded olive oil bucket, a gallon juice jug and some super glue. Here's how.

Step 1:

Collect materials. You need a shallow dish, a reservoir with a lid and some sort of adhesive appropriate to the materials you're using. You also need either a small drill bit or a hammer and a nail.

Step 2: Using your drill, or your hammer and nail, poke holes around the bottom of the reservoir.  You'll need someone to hold the reservoir still.

It's important to be sure those holes are lower than the edge of the dish.

Step 3: Affix the reservoir to the tray using an appropriate adhesive. We used crazy glue, but it didn't hold, so later I used pvc pipe sealant.

Step 5: Fill the reservoir and quickly cap it. It's important to do this quickly to minimize the amount of overflow. Until the cap is on the reservoir, air comes in to replace and push water out and your pan will simply overflow all the water.

If your reservoir has a handle, like mine does, you can hang it. Otherwise, it's a good idea to put it up on some bricks or something similar to limit the amount of dirt that gets in to the pan.

That's about it. As the chicks drink the water down, it'll slowly refill from the holes in the bottom of the jug. It's science! 

Welcome Post

Welcome to Deezwin Greens' home on the web.

Deezwin Greens is a small farm startup in Grimsby, ON, striving toward sustainable farming practices. The "Deezwins" are Deni, Nick, Basil, Marie-Celeste and Isaac. Current animal residents of Deezwin Greens include seven three week old chicks and a dog. The farm produces organic tomatoes, basil and coriander as well as clover jelly, hyssop syrup, pear jelly and cider, cherries, and an assortment of teas. We also produce to order a small selection of toys, waldorf inspired educational supplies, upcycled baby clothes and rain barrels. Keep your eyes peeled for our e-commerce site in the coming months.

Everything produced at Deezwin Greens is done with minimal impact. Recycled, reused and natural materials are used almost exclusively.

This blog will hopefully share with our readers what we learn as we go along and provide step by step updates as to the progress of our projects.

We hope you enjoy!